Architectural Review Board

The Architectural Review Board consists of 6 regular and 2 alternate members.  The City Building Inspector is an ex-officio member.  Members are residents of the City of Franklin appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Common Council.  Alternate members act only when a regular member is absent or refuse to vote due to a conflict of interest.  Terms are staggered for 3-year periods.

Powers and Duties:

Establishment of the Architectural Review Board is for the purpose of promoting compatible development, aesthetics, stability, or property values, and to prevent impairment or depreciation of existing developments.  The Architectural Review Board has the following powers:

  • Hear and decide applications for permission to erect, move, reconstruct, extend, alter, or change the exterior of all structures.
  • Approve, deny, or conditionally approve the application and may request such modifications as they may deem necessary to carry out the purpose of this section.
  • Request assistance from other municipal officers, departments, boards, and commissions.
  • Request applicant to furnish additional information.




Louis Jost, Jr., Chair 3 Years/4-30-21
Vance E. Werner, Vice Chair 3 Years/4-30-20
Arthur Skowron 3 Years/4-30-19
David Cieszynski 3 Years/4-30-20
Jim Arneson 3 Years/4-30-19
Jeff Rasmussen 3 Years/4-30-21
Donald Nierode, Alternate Member 3 Years/4-30-21
Vacancy, Alternate Member 3 Years/4-30-18
Building Inspector/Ex Officio Voting Member  




Meeting Dates:  2nd & 4th Thursdays

Meeting Time:  7 p.m.

Meeting Location:
Inspection Conference Room
Franklin City Hall
9229 W. Loomis Road
Please direct agenda questions to:
Building Inspection Department


2018 Meeting Dates 

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