Stormwater Management Plan Update

This report is an update to the City's 1993 Stormwater Management Plan and serves as a comprehensive guide for stormwater management in the City.  The Plan provides a basis for local flood control planning and design, as well as provides stormwater management procedures for development.  For easier viewing, this document is provided below in separate sections instead of one entire document.

Table of Contents and Executive Summary

Section 1 - Project Setting

  • Introduction
  • Physical Environment

Section 2 - Stormwater Quantity and Quality Analyses

  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis
  • Pollutant Load Assessment

Section 3 - Proposed Management Program

  • Management Program Update
  • Stormwater Quantity Management
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution Control
  • Requirements from New Development
  • Stormwater Pond Maintenance Guidelines
  • Stormwater Management Ordinance
  • Additional Resource Management Concepts
  • Management Program Schedule

Appendix A - Pond Inventory and Modeled Ponds Listings

Appendix B - Franklin Watershed Water Quality Modeling

Appendix C - MMSD Chapter 13 - Surface Water and Storm Water

Appendix D - Wisconsin Stormwater Manual: Wet Detention Basins (G-3691-4)

Appendix E - Site Stormwater Management Checklist

Appendix F - City Stormwater Detention/Retention Basin Landscape Guidelines

Appendix G - Model Stormwater Management Ordinances

Appendix H - MMSD Conservation Plan

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