Tobacco Control & Education


The Franklin Health Department has been conducting tobacco compliance checks in the City since 1995.  The checks are completed as part of a contract with the Department of Health Services, Wisconsin WINS Program.  As part of this program, businesses are provided with informational materials throughout the year to educate their employees about tobacco sale laws.  During tobacco compliance checks, teen volunteers (with parent permission) under adult supervision attempt to purchase tobacco from Franklin businesses.  The clerks and businesses that make illegal sales are issued citations.  Clerks that do not make illegal tobacco sales receive a gift card and the business license holder is notified of the successful compliance check. 

Tobacco Compliance Checks


  • The Smoke-Free Billboard Contest with grade schools has been ongoing since 1995 with classroom presentations.

  • TATU (Teens Against Tobacco Use) is a group of high school students that present lessons to 6th grade students.

  • In cooperation with the Municipal Court, students cited for possession of tobacco are offered the option of meeting with a Public Health Nurse in lieu of a portion of the fine.
  • Franklin Tobacco Cessation Guide
  • Tobacco Cessation Resources


Tobacco Cessation Resources 

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