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Well Water & Radon Gas Home Test Kits

Molybdenum in Drinking Water:  The WI Department of Natural Resources recommends that residents using private wells annually test their drinking water for bacteria and nitrate.  At this time the DNR recommends that Franklin residents also sample for molybdenum, which is a naturally occurring metal and, in small amounts, an essential nutrient in our diet.  Recently an extensive DNR study identified areas in Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Racine Counties with elevated levels of molybdenum in ground water.  However, the study could not pinpoint the molybdenum origin.  Below are additional links to information about molybdenum, well testing, and homeowner treatment options.

DNR Well Testing and Treatment Options: 

Molybdenum in Drinking Water:  

Water test kits are available free of charge at the Franklin Health Department but laboratories will charge a fee for processing each requested water test(s). 

Radon gas levels should also be assessed in your home at least once.  Radon test kits are available for a fee which includes the laboratory testing.  Stop by or call 425-9101 for more information.

Car Seat Inspections  

With so many different types of infant carriers and booster seats, it is no wonder parents often ask "Does that look right to you?"  Just when you think you have the seat properly installed, it is time to move on to a bigger one.  Officials estimate that 80% of car seats are used incorrectly.  Call or email Kristin Anderson, RN, or Kim Kringel, RN, at the Franklin Health Department at 425-9101 for an appointment to have your child's car seat checked.

Home Visits

Home visits are made to residents for a variety of reasons.  Families with a newborn are offered home visits and receive a letter describing Franklin Health Department services.  These families are also offered visits when children are age appropriate for home safety assessments and developmental screenings.  A public health nurse will provide services upon a referral from hospitals, doctors, community agencies, or personal request.  Call the Franklin Health Department at 425-9101 to request a home visit.

Lead Testing

The Franklin Health Department offers assessments of potential lead hazards in homes built before 1950 where children are living.  There are 600 houses in Franklin that were built before 1950.  Those homes most likely contain a layer of paint or varnish from when it was first built.  Paint and varnish from that time period consists of 50% lead.  After time, the outer layers of paint deteriorates from weather (outdoor surfaces) and friction (windows and floors) until the original paint with lead is exposed.  Lead in paint becomes a hazard when young children ingest the dust (from windows and floors) and paint chips (from windows, floors, and exteriors).             

A brief lead hazard screen can be completed by Franklin Health Department staff in less than an hour by inspecting the exterior and interior surfaces and taking samples of the deteriorated ones.  Information on immediate and long-term solutions to reduce and eliminate the hazards will be given.  The assessment is FREE and the recommendations will span from inexpensive cleaning tips to permanent solutions.  Call or email Kim Kringel, RN at the Franklin Health Department (427-7534) to set up an appointment.

Some toys also have lead based paint.  Check out the Lead Product Alerts information provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

Besides the above, the Franklin Health Department has information on community programs available to Franklin residents such as: