Permits & Licenses

Click on the following permits and licenses for further information, requirements, and applications.  Where appropriate, links to the relevant part of the Municipal Code referencing the particular permit and/or license have also been provided.  The City of Franklin does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in its programs or activities.

Alarm Permit

Information and application permit pertaining to an intrusion, fire, or local alarm system.

Building Permits

Building Permits are required for 1 & 2 family dwellings; new construction, additions, & alterations of commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-family dwellings; garages/accessory buildings; decks, fences, and pools; plumbing, electrical, HVAC work; reroofing and residing; signs; foundation repair; moving or demolition; occupancy, etc.

Business/Development Permits

Applications and Information to assist residents, business owners, potential developers, or other interested individuals in understanding and working within the City's Development Process.

Ball Field Reservation Permit

Ball field reservations are available from April 1 until July 31 of each year.

Bartender Operator's License

Information and application for a license to serve fermented malted beverages and intoxicating liquor (Operator's License).

Door-To-Door Sales Transient Merchant Permit

A license is required for any transient merchant to engage in door to door sales within the City of Franklin.

Entertainment & Amusement Permits

Information and applications pertaining to a Temporary Entertainment and Amusement Permit, an Extraordinary Entertainment & Special Event Permit, and a Temporary Food License for a Special Event.

Non-Intoxicating & Soda/Water Beverage License

A Class D License is required to possess, sell, or offer for sale non-intoxicating water or soda beverages.

Open Burning

A permit is required from the City Clerk's Office for Open Burning. Click here for details. The cost is $15.

Park Reservation Permit

Reserve Lions Legend Park, Market Square, or Ken Windl Park for that special celebration or event!

Pet Licensing

Information and application pertaining to Dog and Cat Licenses, Animal Fancier License, or a special animal permit.

St. Martins Fair Permits

St. Martins Fair - Come to sell or come to purchase!

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Building Inspection
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Dept. of Public Works
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